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[AJA Members] Shrine Ebadi-Our Asset for All Humanity

[AJA Forum 2009] Oppressors Beware!

Oppressors beware! – Shirin Ebadi the freedom fighter is here!     By Ivan Lim Shin Chin     Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi is a freedom fighter. She fights for those who are groaning under the heavy hand of the state since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. A lawyer, she wants fellow Iranians to enjoy […]

[AJA Activities] Shrine Ebadi-Shershad Opinion

Shershad Opinion By Shirin Ershadi July 31, 2009     As an Iranian woman I have always admired Ms. Shirin Ebadi. I see Shirin Ebadi as a symbol of resistance and strength. Ms. Ebadi and I attended the Tehran University Law School between 1966 and 1970. Although, at the time that we attended Law School, […]

[AJA Members] Pooneh Nedai Dedicated to AJA

Dedicated to AJA Poems by: Pooneh Nedai – IRAN 1 It was a strange night River’s coolness on our faces And the old bridge under our feet We lied down to pour the stars in our hearts … In that eternal moment Every soul owned a single star. 2 It was a strange morning We […]

[AJA Activities] Visit to Nepal-“Press Freedom” “Peace Journalism” “Solidarity” “AJA for Peace and Justice”

[AJA Forum 2008] 2008 AJA Forum on Climate Change :

2008 AJA Forum on Climate Change : Media Catalyst in New Green Revolution *** Delegates’ Resolutions In the hallowed traditions of the media profession, journalists have always been looked up to and counted upon, especially in times of controversy and contention to exercise our judgment in shifting fact from fiction, exposing falsehood and expressing the […]

[AJA Forum 2008] First International Conference on Asian Eco-Culture

FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ONASIAN ECO-CULTURE     Paper by Ivan Lim, Senior Vice-President Asia Journalist Association   Recurring bad news on the environment front have both jolted and spurred journalists into action in Asia, often turning them into crusading environmental reporters and activists in green NGOs. Ivan Lim is one of a band of journalists […]

[AJA Forum 2008] AJA Holds AJA Forum 2008 & Plenary Session in Korea

Asia Journalist Association Holds AJA Forum 2008 & Plenary Session in Korea   By Kang Seok-jae Senior Writer The Asia Journalist Association held the AJA Forum 2008 and the 2008 AJA Plenary Session on October 7-10, 2008, in Seoul and provincial areas in Korea, drawing about 60 journalists from 31 countries. Under the theme “Climate Change: […]

[AJA Forum 2008] Opening Remarks of AJA Forum 2008

Opening Remarks of AJA Forum 2008   Welcome delegates to AJA Forum 2008! We have more than a hundred journalists and journalism-related professionals gathering from over 30 countries. I would like to express gratitude to colleagues who have made devoted efforts to build this constructive journalistic community. I also would like to send sincere admiration […]

[Activities] The role of the AJA in the context of Asian Journalism

It is a great honor to speak at this forum since it has been playing an important role in the international press community. It is also my pleasure to take this opportunity to speak on behalf of the Asia Journalist Association (AJA). I believe it will enable me and AJA to prepare to step forward […]