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[Statements] AJA Statement on resigning Yemeni President

   AJA Statement on Resigning Yemeni President    (24 November 2011, Korea) Asia Journalist Association (President Ivan Lim) welcomes that Yemeni President steps down after 33 years in power. Mr Saleh is the fourth leader to quit due to the democratic movements of the Middle East and we expect the flames of democratization first started […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on Palestine

AJA Statement on Palestine The Wind of Peace is Expected to Blow in Palestine Through UN Membership   October 11, 2011 SEOUL – Asia Journalist Association (AJA) supports Palestine’s entry into the UN. Palestine has the right to coexist with Israel as a new member country of the UN with an independent status and the […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on Libya

The end of the Gaddafi’s era in Libya through ‘Desert Revolution’ (24 of August, Korea) Asia Journalist Association (AJA, President Ivan Lim) welcomes the collapse of the Gaddafi government, a dictatorial regime for 42 years in Libya. We support the democratization movement in the Middle East including Syria and Yemen pursuing further expansion of universal […]

[Statements] The Asia journalist declaration of PyeongChang Winter Olympics

All the members of the Asia Journalist Association, an international organization dedicated to peace in the region of Asia and also world pece through press freedom and advancement of journalism sincerely congradulate that PyeongChang eventually succeeded in hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics at the third attempt. We firmly believe that it will be a great […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on Bloody Syria

  The Asia Journalist Association expresses our strong concern that protesters in Syria were killed again amid democratization movement continued over 5 months and urge that the Syrian government immediately stops bloody crackdowns against protesters and President Bashar Al-Asad steps down to meet the Syrian People’s demand. The Asia Journalist Association condemns that even foreign […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on re-election of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

   AJA Statement on Re-election of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon    Asia Journalist Association(AJA, President Ivan Lim) supports Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the eighth and current Secretary-General of the United Nations, and his re-election. After being inaugurated on 1 January 2007, he and the United Nations has devoted all their strength to relief works after natural […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on violence against journalists in Nepal

   AJA Statement on Violence against Journalists in Nepal    The Asia Journalist Association(AJA) has urged the Nepal government to end the culture of impunity that has allowed political thugs to target journalists for victimization and violence. AJA deplores the latest assault on K.N. Dhakal, a reporter of Nagarik national daily, in Biratnagar on June […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on detention of Mongolian Journalist

Dolgor Chuluunbaatar, the editor-in-chief of and Vice-President of Asia Journalist Association, has been in custody for two months since 24 March 2011 charged with unclear reasons of illegal privatization of a newspaper by the Mongolian government. Reporters Without Borders and Globe International already have expressed great concern over his custody and issued statements raising doubts […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on Syria and Yemen

AJA Statement on Syria and Yemen No more sacrifices, No more broken promises (2011 April 2011, Singapore) Asia Journalist Association (AJA, President Ivan Lim) express our strong concern about situations in Syria and Yemen. Asia Journalist Association condemns the Syria government’s firing on the protesters resulted in more than 120 deaths, right after the day […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on Japan Quake & Tsunami

   AJA Statement on Japan Quake & Tsunami    (14 March 2011, Singapore) A triple whammy: a devastating earthquake that triggered a disastrous tsunami that set off an N-plant radiation leak has presented Japan with an epic struggle. Asia Journalist Association joins the people and government of Japan in calling for courage and fortitude in […]

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