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[Statements] AJA Statement on Syria and Yemen

AJA Statement on Syria and Yemen No more sacrifices, No more broken promises (2011 April 2011, Singapore) Asia Journalist Association (AJA, President Ivan Lim) express our strong concern about situations in Syria and Yemen. Asia Journalist Association condemns the Syria government’s firing on the protesters resulted in more than 120 deaths, right after the day […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on Japan Quake & Tsunami

   AJA Statement on Japan Quake & Tsunami    (14 March 2011, Singapore) A triple whammy: a devastating earthquake that triggered a disastrous tsunami that set off an N-plant radiation leak has presented Japan with an epic struggle. Asia Journalist Association joins the people and government of Japan in calling for courage and fortitude in […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on NK Defectors

AJA expresses regret on NK defectors The Asia Journalist Association (AJA), represented by Ivan Lim, issued a statement in which it expressed regret and concern over the 31 North Korean defectors who were arrested earlier by the Chinese police and now in danger of being repatriated to North Korea. North Korean defectors, sent back to […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on Libya

   AJA Statement on Libya Resignation of Col Gaddafi is the only option   (24 February 2011, Singapore) Asia Journalist Association urges Col Gaddafi to immediately halt the violent crackdown on peaceful protesters and to secure press freedom in regard to the democratization in Libya. Asia Journalist Association also urges Col Gaddafi to step down […]

[Statements] AJA Statement on Political Crisis in Egypt

   AJA Statement on Political Crisis in Egypt     (07 February 2011, Singapore) Asia Journalist Association(AJA, President Ivan Lim) joins the international community in calling on President Hosni Mubarak to yield to the long-suffering Egyptian people’s demand for change and to step down gracefully. The time has come for Mubarak to accept he has […]

[Statements] Statement of Asian Journalists

In the early of 21th century, Asia is exposed to war, disputes, starvation and disease at all times. Especially, extreme gap between the rich and poor and natural disaster followed by climate change make worse lives of considerable number of Asian people. The vicious circle of crises of ecology, war and polarization continues in Asia. We judge and expect […]

[Notices] 2010 Asia Journalist Association(AJA) Forum

Asia Journalist Association (AJA) is honoured to act in tandem with the Korean Press Foundation for promoting clear and comprehensive Press coverage of the Group of 20 Summit. Our partnership makes doubly good sense: One, the Republic of Korea is hosting the G-20 meeting, and two, it is being convened on Asian soil, with the […]

[AJA Forum 2010] Welcome to World’s First International Forum On a Moving Train

[AJA Notice] Invitation to “KOICA’s Challenge Story”

[AJA Statements] AJA Statement on the Death of Cameraman Hiro Muramoto

AJA Statement On the Death of Cameraman Hiro Muramoto   (15 April 2011, Singapore) The death of Reuters cameraman Hiro Muramoto in Bangkok on 10 April, while filming the violent anti-government protests, is a tragedy and a loss to the media fraternity. AJA offers heartfelt condolences to the 43-year-old journalist’s family. We laud Hiro Muramoto’s […]