AJA Mission Statement

The Asia Journalist Association is an international organization dedicated to the fulfilment of truthful and impartial reporting, the realization of press freedom and the advancement of journalism in close cooperation with journalists of Asia.

The Asia Journalist Association is an independent organization not influenced by any means of power or capital and only supports the journalists of Asia in their demand for objective reporting without the pressures and restrictions on their conscience and common sense.

The Asia Journalist Association is an individualized organization that respects each member’s intrinsic worth and uniqueness, acknowledges each culture and set of values and encourages diversity and creativity in journalism celebrating new ideas and new ways of continuously improving the region we belong to and the world we live in.

In carrying out its mission, the Asia Journalist Association will

1. Provide a forum for journalists and media professionals to exchange opinions, ideas, views, experiences and sources of information.

2. Stimulate high standards in the practice of journalism and honour excellence and achievement of journalists and media professionals.

3. Act as a clearing house for accurate, in-depth and balanced information and news.

4. Maintain constant vigilance in protection of press freedom and encourage a climate in which truthful and impartial journalism can prosper.

5. Create and support networks among journalists and media professionals of Asia and also other parts of the world.

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