[Junior AJA- Mongolian Report] Mongolia to Organize Pride Week Event in September

Below is a round-up of recent news in Mongolia.

Mongolia to Organize Pride Week Event in September

An LGBT Centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is preparing to organize the first ever Pride week next September in Mongolia. The LGBT Centre in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia was founded as an NGO in 2009 focusing on human rights protection, support of non-discrimination, forming the valuables of public society of democracy in Mongolia so that we can warrant rights and freedom of sexual minorities and build a better and safer society for Mongolia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. We expect many youth to be  impatiently waiting for the Pride week event.

2011 Sao Paulo gay-pride parade, on June 26 (Photo: Andre Penner / AP Photo )


A Mongolian scientist invents the way to making diamonds
The German media started to publicize news about scholars from Frankfurt University as a nominee for the next Noble Prize because these scientists have made a sensational invention of making diamonds and emeralds from limestone. The reason for pointing out this issue is that the scholar team of the invention is led by Dr. Bayarjargal Lkhamsuren from Mongolia. They found out that diamond can be made from limestone in an artificial way at a scientific level. This is a simple method of producing various sized diamonds.

Doctor Bayarjargal.L

Miss Mongolia 2013

The annual event of Miss Mongolia will be held this coming September. Winner and secondary place owner of the Miss Mongolia referred to participate in the Miss International, Miss Tourism World and Miss World. Last year, first winner was Miss D. Doligion where as Secondary Miss A. Uyanga and they have successfully took part in international events. So, who will be the next winner of the Miss Mongolia 2013?

Smoke and Smoke again
Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar reached its maximum at emergency level. That means nobody can survive healthy. According to a survey made by the Ministry of Health, approximately 90.7 thousand people suffer from some kind of respiratory disease spending about 4.8 billion tugriks for treatment of 36.4 thousand patients in Mongolia. According to the report of officials from the ministry of health, there will be more than 42 thousand people who will suffer from respiratory diseases and about five billion tugriks will be used by 2015 if  tangible actions are not taken. The most popular diseases among children are acute and chronic bronchitis mainly caused by dust, sulphur gas, nitrogen dioxide, and carbon monoxide in Ulaanbaatar’s air. Children in urban areas are  5-15 times more more likely to get affected by the diseases and 7-8 times more likely to visit the doctor compared to that of children in the  local region. Is it necessary for Mongolians with a vast land of blue sky to crowd only in Ulaanbaatar city?

Ulaanbaatar city 2012/01/17

By Uyanga Amarmend

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