Dynamic AJA for “Dynamic Asia” at 2017 AJA General Conference


On the 1st of April the Asia Journalist Association’s General Assembly took place at Inje in South Korea.

After a brief introduction made by Ashraf Dali, the President of AJA, all the journalists were invited to describe the media situation in their countries. Some of the critical issues highlighted were fake news and difficult relations with the government (Egypt), internet access and the importance of TV news (Georgia), the link with religious organizations (Pakistan). They also pointed out that press is less free than before (India), there are less print newspaper and more online news (Thailand) and that the problem of the integration of refugees in Europe is quit big (Sudanese journalist living in Germany).

At the General Assembly, there were some AJA organizational changes. AJA Vice President Chuluunbaatar Dolgor was appointed as senior vice president, while Nasir Ahmed Memon Aijaz of Pakistan was named an adviser. Three journalists were newly named as executive directors: Ms. Rosalin Garganera from Philippines, Ms. Edita Dadasyan from Georgia, and Mr. Dilmurod Djumabaev from Uzbekistan.

At the final stage Kang Seok-Jae, AJA Vice Chairman, read the AJA resolution in front of the audience highlighting the peaceful DNA of PyeongChang games, its friendly competition, the possible reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula.

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