[Statement] Light overcomes Darkness. So will Myanmar.

SEOUL:Civil disobedience movements against Myanmar’s military coup have continued for two months. The world is watching the situation, but the suppression of violence by soldiers and police has not stopped. According to Myanmar’s human rights group The Assistance Association for Political Prisons, there were at least 275 deaths as of March 23. Myanmar’s military also confirmed 164 people were killed, including nine military and police casualties.
In particular, more than 20 children and teenagers have been killed by military police since the coup, with soldiers searching for weapons owners entering a family home on the 23rd and shooting a 7-year-old girl to death.
The military forcibly shut down five media outlets and sued about 10 journalists. It is a clear suppression of the press.
Asia Journalist Association (AJA) urges Myanmar’s authorities to immediately stop suppressing the media and violence by the military.
AJA applauds Myanmar’s people’s willingness to protect democracy.
The military is controlling the media, but citizens are delivering protests and disobedience campaigns through SNS in real time. This is also proof that the truth can never be hidden and that it will definitely prevail.
The AJA supports Myanmar’s people’s protest against the military coup and promises to join the people of Myanmar until democracy is restored in the country. There is no power over the people. Darkness can never beat light.

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